Shirkey’s “Red Flag” hearing coming soon?

May 10, 2022 | Latest News

The Michigan Legislature is quickly approaching the summer break where lawmakers will head home for a couple months leading up to the August primary elections.

As you recall, back in February Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey renewed his promise to give a committee hearing to Democrat State Senator Rosemary Bayer’s Red Flag gun confiscation bills (SB 856-858).

The hearing almost seemed inevitable until gun rights activists like you jumped to quick action.

Thanks to your calls and emails, capitol insiders reported that Senator Shirkey realized how much of a political blunder he had made and, to this day, he has not yet given a hearing to “Red Flag” in the Senate.

But with the days dwindling before the summer break, it’s expected that Shirkey could spring a gun confiscation hearing on us at any moment.

You see, in the midst of Shirkey’s realizing that he screwed up by making such an idiotic promise to anti-gun Democrats, I started hearing reports that the establishment gun lobby swung through Lansing to help him clean up his mess.

Now there are reports of tepid pro-gun bills receiving hearings in the next couple weeks and what better time to hold a promised hearing on “Red Flag” but while giving himself political cover.

This is typical Lansing swamp politics at its finest.

I hope I’m wrong, but we can’t risk it.

It’s crucial for gun owners to remind Shirkey that we stand opposed to giving any hearings to radical gun control measures in the Republican-controlled Senate.

You can do that by clicking here to send a pre-drafted email to Senator Shirkey and your State Senator.

Pro-gun Michiganders must make it clear to the Lansing establishment that playing politics with our gun rights is unacceptable.

Trading away hearings for radical gun control for Democrat votes is an egregious abuse of gun owners by the Republican majority in the Senate.

While other Republican-controlled chambers across the country are passing Constitutional Carry, the best Michigan Republicans can manage is horse-trading on gun confiscation.

Senate Majority Leader Shirkey continues to ignore the calls from gun owners to give hearings to Sen. Barrett’s bills to repeal pistol registration (SB 646-648) and Sen. Lana Theis’ Constitutional Carry bills (SB 489-492).

That’s why we are also calling on him to hold hearings on these important and popular pro-gun bills immediately!

Send your email to Senator Shirkey and your State Senator TODAY calling on them to reject hearings on “Red Flag” and to instead hold hearings and votes on Constitutional Carry and the repeal of pistol registration by clicking here!

After sending your email, please consider making a small donation so that we can keep sending you crucial updates just like this one .

Thank you for your continued activism!

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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