Will he kill it again?

May 6, 2022 | Latest News

I need your help.

You see, the four-bill Constitutional Carry package of House Bills 5364-5367 was recently advanced out of the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee.

But instead of advancing to the floor, the bill package was sent to the House Judiciary Committee, where Constitutional Carry died last year under the watch of Chairman Graham Filler.

That’s why it’s crucial for Michiganders to urge the committee to advance Constitutional Carry without delay!

Just click the link, make sure your information is correct, and hit submit.

You’ll not only be sending a clear message to members of the committee, but your State Representatives and Senators will also get your email.

Your quick activism ensures ALL lawmakers in Lansing have Constitutional Carry on their radar.

As I’m sure you know, Constitutional Carry simply allows law-abiding citizens to carry anywhere CPL holders can currently carry without jumping through the bureaucratic hoops for a government issued permission slip.

Besides, no CPL is required to openly carry a pistol here in Michigan, so the permit amounts to nothing more than a tax on the right to carry.

And if you don’t pay the tax, you can be thrown in jail for up to five years for even the smallest infraction.

No one should be thrown in jail for practicing a fundamental right, especially when no permit is required to openly carry a pistol in Michigan!

Treating open and concealed carry different under the law is ridiculous, and must come to an end.

Plus, Constitutional Carry is one of the best weapons we have to fend off the anti-gun lobby by putting them on defense in Michigan.

But Republicans in Michigan are wheeling and dealing with anti-gun Democrats to hold hearings on “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation schemes.

So pro-gun Michiganders need to act as the wedge between Republican leadership and Michael Bloomberg’s gun control minions.

Even in politics the best defense is a good offense.

So now’s the time to push back and urge politicians to pass pro-gun Constitutional Carry.

Especially since the tides are turning in Lansing.

With Constitutional Carry sweeping the nation even Republican-controlled legislatures in neighboring Indiana and Ohio passed Constitutional Carry.

Republicans control both chambers of the Michigan State Legislature and we’re looking at a tightly contested race for Governor taking shape for the 2022 election season.

If gun rights take center stage in political debate, grassroots activists can create a massive opportunity to beat the anti-gun lobby and restore gun rights.

Getting a full floor vote forces politicians to show their true colors on the Second Amendment right when it matters most.

But we know anti-gun zealots and weak-kneed Republicans have an agenda of their own, so it’s crucial for pro-gun Michiganders to remain vigilant and pay attention.

Plus, Judiciary Chair Graham Filler has a primary challenger, so he doesn’t want to be the fall guy for letting Constitutional Carry die in his committee yet again, or does he?

Election season is the best time to bring Constitutional Carry to the forefront and make it a central issue, when politicians and candidates are seeking your support.

So I’m counting on you to pressure lawmakers to advance Constitutional Carry RIGHT AWAY!

It takes a groundswell of grassroots activists stoking the fire to keep the heat on politicians, especially while fighting the deep pockets of Gun Control, Inc.

So along with your email urging politicians to pass Constitutional Carry, please consider chipping in $60 or $30 to help keep the pressure up.

Even a sacrifice of just $15 will help mobilize more pro-gun Michiganders across the state to get this landmark legislation advanced to a full vote on the House floor.

Plus, supporting GLGR sends a clear message to the political class in Lansing that you’re settling for nothing less than the full restoration of our Second Amendment rights.

I know I can count on your continued support and vigilance.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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