Don’t let them politicize evil

May 27, 2022 | Latest News

In the wake of the incomprehensible evil perpetrated by the killer in Uvalde, Texas, anti-gun politicians and their cohorts in the media are mobilizing to enact more gun control.

Gun control that you and I both know will only punish gun owners while failing to address the root of the problem.

It does not matter to them that Michigan already has some of the most draconian gun control laws on the books.

Nor does it matter to them that the students and staff were left defenseless behind a “gun-free” zone sign to be executed by a sick and merciless assailant.

Instead, they are using this act of evil to push their agenda to disarm as many law-abiding citizens as possible.

In fact, Democrats in Lansing already tried to force gun control legislation to the House and Senate floors this week.

The “lock up your safety” law Senate Democrats attempted to move only serves to make it more difficult for gun owners to defend themselves in the event of a threat IN THEIR OWN HOME.

They also attempted to bring so-called “universal background checks” to the House floor, even though the killer in Texas passed a background check (further proving the utter failure that is the NICS system).

Neither of these bills would have stopped the killer in Texas (and they know that), but that doesn’t matter to anti-gun politicians who are just throwing anything against the wall, so long as they can trample on your rights.

And we cannot expect Democrats to stop there.

But worse still, Republicans in Lansing will be under immense pressure to look “reasonable” on gun control, which might tempt them to cut a deal with anti-gun Democrats.

That is why I need you to sign your “No Gun Control, No Deals” petition right away!

We must remind lawmakers in Lansing that the politicization of tragedies does not give them a green light to restrict our right to keep and bear arms.

Furthermore, it is imperative that Republicans hear you have their backs as they face the anti-gun demands of gun-grabbing politicians and talking heads in the media.

It will take a united front to ensure no backroom deals are made to save face at the expense of law-abiding citizen’s gun rights.

So please rush your signed “No Gun Control, No Deals” petition back right away to let your lawmakers know where you stand.

We must remain vigilant.

For every tragedy, there are countless corrupt souls who seek to exploit the victims to advance their own unrighteous agenda.

I believe you will agree with me that we must look no further than the sudden political push for gun control to see that is true.

This week’s attempt by Democrats to force gun control on Michiganders will not be the last.

But I know I can count on your unyielding support to stave off the inevitable attacks on our gun rights.

This fight will likely be trying, but it is just, and none of us shall shoulder the burden alone.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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