MI Republicans to Gun Owners: Shove it

Jun 9, 2022 | Latest News

Dear Fellow Patriot,

In a move reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi in Washington, D.C., Michigan House Republicans declared Constitutional Carry dead without even raising their eyes.

Let me explain…

The abuse of the Michigan House legislative rules is well documented in Lansing.

I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, Republican leadership scripted the death of Constitutional Carry before it even came up for a vote.

Click here to send a quick email to House Republican leadership urging them to stop blocking Constitutional Carry.

In fact, your Representatives weren’t even given a chance to vote on it as Speaker Wentworth, Speaker Pro Temp. Pamela Hornberger and Majority Floor Leader Ben Frederick declared it dead before the sun even rose yesterday morning.

I wrote you on Tuesday to let you know that State Rep. Steve Carra gave notice of his intention to discharge Constitutional Carry from committee for a vote on the House floor, a right that is protected by the Michigan Constitution.

And as leadership’s script dictated, Constitutional Carry was immediately deemed to have no support (despite overwhelming survey responses from House Republicans saying they support).

This move by Rep. Carra wasn’t extreme. It wasn’t out of order. It’s in the rules and the Constitution. This is everyday business.

But rather than expose their gun-grabbing colleagues, House Republican leadership kowtowed to the gun control lobby (and Governor Whitmer) by yet again killing Constitutional Carry without so much as a vote.

I can already guess that Speaker Wentworth will try to use Rep. Carra’s efforts to punish the gun rights community by continuing to refuse to bring Constitutional Carry to the House floor for a vote.

But mark my words, there are numerous Republican incumbents who have primary challengers supporting Constitutional Carry who will soon be criticized for doing nothing while House Republican leadership trashed your gun rights.

It’s time for Lansing Republicans to have a wake up call, that continuing to ignore the gun rights community’s calls for Constitutional Carry will come at a political cost.

There’s no excuse for Republicans to not pass Constitutional Carry in this political environment other than to protect weak-kneed Republicans and to keep a “cordial” relationship with anti-gun Democrats.

Whose side are they on? Governor Whitmer’s or gun owners’?

While we didn’t get our vote on Constitutional Carry, we still made progress in our efforts to hold Republicans accountable for stonewalling this pro-gun legislation by exposing their legislative tyranny.

We must now send a clear message to Lansing that House Republican leadership can still make things right by holding votes on Constitutional Carry or the Republican caucus will be held accountable for killing it once again.

The choice is theirs.

But you have a voice in this too, and you can start by clicking here to send an email to members of leadership who are responsible for blocking the vote.

If you want to draft your email, you can say something like:

Dear Members of House Republican Leadership,

I am disappointed by your abuse of legislative rules to block Rep. Carra’s efforts to bring Constitutional Carry to House floor for a vote.

Gun owners expect Republicans to lead on the Second Amendment, not hide from votes on popular pro-gun legislation.

I urge you to stop protecting Democrats and bring Constitutional Carry up for a vote.


Thank you for your continued activism.

Michigan will only join the 25 other states with Constitutional Carry laws with the help of pro-gun patriots like you!

Please forward this email to your pro-gun friends and family to get them involved in this fight!

And then please consider chipping in $30 or even $10 to help us grow our grassroots army during this crucial election year.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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