Capitol Commission Says “No” to Gun Ban for Now…

Oct 2, 2020

I’m sure you read the headline last week.

The Michigan Capitol Commission voted down two measures to ban firearms in the Capitol.

This comes after Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel, as well as Democrat lawmakers, attempted to strong arm the Commission into giving itself the broad new authority to ban guns — something that was never imagined when the Commission was first created.

The Commission’s own independent legal counsel also cooked up a legal opinion that claimed the Commission had the authority, but ultimately the Commission narrowly voted down two measures to ban firearms in Michigan’s State Capitol building.

Despite years of peaceful events, including the 2020 Second Amendment March last week, the issue was raised after the mainstream media and political opportunists attempted to guilt the Commission into banning guns after protests at the capitol over the heavy-handed government response to COVID-19.

Despite the hand-wringing and fearmongering of Democrat politicians over the Commission’s inaction, the fact is that there has yet to be an intentional or negligent discharge of a firearm in Michigan’s Capitol.

That’s over 100 years without a single incident!

But this is how the anti-gunners work…

Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, they push forward with their disastrous policies with blatant disregard for the facts.

So while the Capitol Commission did the right thing in voting down these measures, I don’t expect the Gun Control Lobby and their allies in Lansing to give up that easily.

All it takes is for Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield or Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey to cave to the demands of the anti-gun crowd and rally support for a “compromise” on guns in the Capitol.

While I think that it is unlikely in an election year, if Democrats take over the Michigan House of Representatives this fall, I fully expect them to make a push to ban guns in the Capitol once and for all.

A right once lost, is nearly impossible to get back.

That’s why it’s crucial for gun owners to stand up against this assault.

Regardless of your thoughts of the protestors that triggered this whole “controversy,” the thought of an unelected Commission granting itself new authority based on a half-cocked AG opinion should give any red-blooded Michigander a reason to pause.

Especially when the opinion was based on fearmongering of a scenario that has never happened in the over 100 years of the state capitol’s history.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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