Republican Leader Mike Shirkey Caves to Anti-gun Demands

Feb 7, 2022

Sen. Mike Shirkey to hold hearings on “Red Flag” gun confiscation legislation while stonewalling pro-gun bills

Lansing, MI – Republican Senate Leader Mike Shirkey has promised Senate Democrats that their “Red Flag” gun confiscation bill will soon receive a hearing in the Michigan Senate. The bill is part of a package of gun control legislation being pushed by Democrats which also includes mandatory storage laws.

Pro-gun legislation which would repeal Michigan’s pistol registration and repeal the mandatory government tax on concealed carry have yet to be assigned a hearing, or a committee vote.

“Mike Shirkey bowing down to the demands of anti-gun Senate Democrats while letting pro-gun bills languish in his chamber is completely uncalled for and an affront to law-abiding Michiganders,” said Brenden Boudreau, Executive Director of Great Lakes Gun Rights. “Red flag gun confiscation laws violate not only our Second Amendment rights, but our privacy and due process rights as well.”

“Red Flag” gun confiscation laws (also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders) allow the government to seize firearms from individuals based on mere accusations. So-called “Red Flag” laws allow the police to seize real property from innocent Americans, without notice of a hearing and the right to defend oneself in court.

“Make no mistake – ‘Red Flag’ laws endanger the lives of law enforcement officers by forcing them to confiscate firearms from individuals who have no idea the cops are serving a warrant in the middle of the night. It’s foolish legislation which does nothing to prevent crime, but does violate multiple constitutional rights. If we want to make Michigan safe – let’s repeal pistol registration and pass Constitutional Carry.” said Boudreau.


Michigan is one of the few states which require the government registration of handguns – joining the likes of New York, California, and Hawaii.  

“Criminals don’t obey gun control laws – they don’t work. These gun control bills will only hurt law-abiding citizens and place law enforcement in greater danger. Mike Shirkey must put forward pro-gun legislation for hearing and vote, and stop working with anti-gun members of the Senate who are actively dismantling our gun rights.” concluded Boudreau.


Great Lakes Gun Rights is opposed to these gun control bills, and is engaging its members to lobby against them.

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