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Mar 11, 2022 | Latest News

Constitutional Carry is sweeping the nation.

The Ohio General Assembly sent it to Governor DeWine’s desk last week.

The Indiana General Assembly sent it to Governor Holcomb’s desk this week.

And just yesterday Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed Constitutional Carry into law!

Meanwhile, here in Michigan, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey is expected to schedule his promised hearing for “Red Flag” gun confiscation to Senate Democrats.

Over in the House they’re passing weak-sauce nominally pro-gun bills giving Democrats cover votes (without even a guarantee of the bills being signed by the Governor).

What are Michigan Republicans thinking?!?!?!

Pretty soon, Michiganders will have more freedom when they go to visit Indiana and Ohio than in their own home state.

As you know, Constitutional Carry is a simple concept. If you can legally possess a handgun, you can carry it openly or concealed without having to get a Concealed Pistol License.

Since open carry is already legal in Michigan, the CPL is nothing more than a “coat tax” or a fee you must pay to not go to jail for carrying in your own vehicle.

It’s commonsense and nearly half the states have passed this popular pro-gun legislation.

It’s embarrassing that Michigan Republicans are backing down from Constitutional Carry (and holding hearings on Red Flag) while Republicans nationwide are taking the fight to gun grabbers by passing solid pro-gun Constitutional Carry legislation.

Tell your lawmakers in Lansing to fight for Constitutional Carry by clicking here to send them a prewritten email.

Look, I know that Governor Whitmer is not going to sign Constitutional Carry, but that’s not an excuse to never send it to her desk.

Letting her and her Democrat colleagues in the Legislature skate by in an election year without having to take a tough vote on guns (and even giving them easy cover votes) is just bad politics.

Do you think the Democrats would be so easy on Republicans if they were in control in Lansing? Of course not.

Republicans must force anti-gun Democrats to defend Michigan’s draconian gun control laws that could lead to a young mother in Detroit going to jail for simply carrying a pistol in her car for self-defense because she couldn’t afford the stupidly expensive CPL fee.

A tax on a fundamental right… How absurd.

Help us advance Constitutional Carry by clicking here to send an email to your lawmakers TODAY.

In the fight for the Second Amendment, if you are not advancing, you are effectively retreating because our political enemies never rest.

How did the Democrats weasel a hearing on “Red Flag” out of Shirkey? By wielding political power.

And that’s what gun owners must force the Republican establishment to do in Lansing.

Don’t go away until they give us what we want and that’s a vote on Constitutional Carry.

Help us pour it on them by sending an email to your lawmakers by clicking here.

After sending your email, please consider chipping in $30 or even $10 to help us bring more pro-gun Michiganders into this fight.

Consider forwarding this email to your pro-gun family and friends to ask them to send an email to their lawmakers as well!

Thank you for your continued activism!

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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