No votes, but three hearings

Mar 3, 2023 | Latest News

I just wanted to provide you with a quick update on what happened in Lansing this week.

As you know, Democrats have started holding hearings on their gun control bills.

Over in the House, they held hearings on HB 4127 and HB 4128 which would criminalize lawful carry at polling places and around ballot drop boxes, essentially creating countless new “gun free zones” across the state that will trip gun owners up, make them criminals and make Michigan less safe.

I testified against these bills on behalf of Great Lakes Gun Rights members, but that was the only time your voice was heard before a committee this week.

You see, House Judiciary Chairwoman Kelly Breen DENIED gun rights activists any voice during her charade of a hearing on Wednesday where gun control proponents were allowed to rant for over two hours about the need to pass their radical gun control package (HB 4138-4148).

Over in the Senate, Judiciary Chairwoman Stephanie Chang scheduled 20 anti-gun activists to speak, while only allowing two pro-gun speakers to voice their opposition to universal gun registration, “Red Flag” gun confiscation and mandatory storage laws (SB 76-SB 86).

Democrats have a funny way of supporting “democracy,” by only giving speaking privileges to those who agree with them.

I’m not surprised by this, though it is quite incredible how brazen they are being about it all given their very small majorities.

Since the hearings, it is becoming more clear that the Democrats don’t even know what is in the bills they are pushing.

I’m seeing Democrat lawmakers speak out on social media, now claiming that some of the more draconian measures were not the “intent” of the bill and that there is apparently some “ambiguity.”

I’m calling BS.

These are the same bills they’ve been filing for the last few legislative cycles.

So either they’ve never bothered to read the bills, or they are now trying to save face because they were caught trying to pass radical pieces of garbage legislation.

And, of course, we can’t count on the mainstream media to actually read the bills.

I’m convinced the Democrats are trying to ram these bills through as quickly as possible to evade exposure of their horrible legislation.

But the more time it gets in the daylight, the more it stinks.

Democrats are trying to RAM these things through as quickly as possible, but it is clear that your grassroots pressure is forcing them to slow down.

As we continue to turn up the pressure on them and expose how radical these bills are, we have a real chance at stopping their gun grab dead in its tracks.

Thank you for all you have done this week in our fight for our Second Amendment rights. I’m expecting more committee hearings next week and potential votes, perhaps even passage out of either the House or Senate.

Key Democrats and Republicans are getting postcards in their districts this weekend and I’ve been running live calls all week, with more to come next week.

Social media ads have been consistently running for the last two weeks, my staff and I have delivered tens of thousands of your petitions to your lawmakers and you all have sent thousands of emails to your elected officials.

They may end up ramming their gun grab agenda through, but they’ll be doing it over your loud objection.

Keeping calling, emailing, writing and meeting with your lawmakers. Make it clear to them that if they vote for gun control, they will lose their jobs.

I’ll keep you posted.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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