No Capitol Gun Ban, for Now…

Oct 16, 2020

It’s a fact.

So-called “Gun-Free” zones put law-abiding citizens in danger.

If you saw my earlier email, you know that REPUBLICAN legislative leadership was considering a gun ban at the State Capitol just this week.

Even worse, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey has stated publicly that he wants to begin “exploring the restriction on open carry” in certain areas of the Capitol, which is just setting the table for even more compromise.

By seemingly caving to the anti-gun Left, Republican leadership is borrowing a page from the Obama-Biden Playbook of “never letting a crisis go to waste” to punish law-abiding gun owners for the actions of terrorists by erecting yet another “Gun-Free” zone.

“Gun-Free” zones only put more people in danger — but don’t take my word for it.

Just look what happened last week outside the Colorado State Capitol — where guns are banned and carry outside is regulated — a father was shot and killed by an armed thug during a peaceful protest.

Your legislators want to make rules based on fear instead of protecting your right to self-defense.

Betraying Michigan gun owners like this, just before an election, would be a bad decision for Republican lawmakers.

If politicians won’t respect our constitutional rights on State Capitol grounds, how can we expect them to support the Second Amendment with pro-gun policies?

Thankfully, due in no small part to your rapid response, lawmakers left Lansing without taking action on banning guns in the State Capitol.

Capitol insiders are reporting that the legislature is adjourned until after the election, but we’ve heard that before.

You see, I’ve received pushback from the political class for our program dialing up pressure on Republican lawmakers, insisting that we didn’t know what we were talking about and that nothing was going to happen.

But I’ve seen this happen too many times before.

When legislative leadership starts floating an idea to ban guns and the gun rights community is left out of the loop, something bad is about to happen.

It doesn’t take long for a small conversation about the theory of banning guns at the Capitol to turn into an outright ban passing both chambers in a matter of hours, especially if legislative leadership is leading the charge.

The legislature was meeting until 5:30am Wednesday morning, meaning they could have passed a ban in the cover of night, with gun owners waking up to the headline that Republicans in Lansing just passed gun control!

Look, I get it. Recent events have complicated the issue, but the fact remains that erecting yet another “Gun-Free” zone would do nothing to improve safety at the Capitol, despite the outrage of the mainstream media and Michigan Democrats alike.

The Republican-controlled legislature flirting with banning guns at the Capitol to placate the political Left is akin to blaming gun owners for the actions of criminals, which is the M.O. of the Gun Control Lobby.

Gun owners expect more from the supposedly “pro-gun” Republican Party.

We aren’t out of the woods yet.

Even though we have been told that the legislature will not meet again until after the election, all it takes is another bad headline for them to head back to Lansing to “take action,” no matter the political cost.

You and I have to keep the pressure on them in these weeks before the election and then in the lame duck session where all bets are off.

Doing so will require Great Lakes Gun Rights to be prepared to launch an all-out defense for Second Amendment rights at moment’s notice.

You helped pour hundreds of emails and countless phone calls into legislative offices just this week, which has put Republican lawmakers on notice.

I’ve heard firsthand reports that lawmakers were shocked by the outcry of opposition to a proposed gun ban in the Capitol, meaning we clearly have their attention.

But we have to stay on them. We can’t blink for even a minute, and I must be prepared to throw everything we have at them if they decide to head back to Lansing.

Can I count on your support to ensure that we have the means to mobilize Michigan gun owners in defense of our rights?

Thank you for taking quick action.



Brenden Boudreau

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