Gun grabbers are building an army in Michigan

Feb 15, 2022 | Latest News

Did you see the headlines yesterday?

According to The Detroit News and other media outlets, gun grabbers are building an army to assault your gun rights on all fronts by forming a group called End Gun Violence Michigan.

These unscrupulous anti-gun zealots are exploiting the tragic shooting at Oxford High School in an effort to eliminate the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

And there is absolutely nothing “common-sense” about their proposed policies, despite what the liberal media will report.

That is why I am writing to you today, so you are aware of the battles looming ahead.

There is no doubt they intend to stop you from exercising your ability to protect yourself, your family, and ultimately to put an end to your right to own a firearm.

And there is seemingly no end to the list of demands these gun grabbers want to send to the ballot.

Where a simple bubble filled in by enough uninformed voters could spell the end for your gun rights in Michigan.

Red Flag gun confiscation that would allow the government to seize your firearms without due process based on the accusations of even your neighbors or coworkers.

“Safe” or more accurately a Defenseless Storage law that would leave you without immediate access to your firearms in an emergency such as a home invasion — or turn you into a criminal if you do not comply.

They even want to criminalize your right to bear arms by openly carrying a rifle.

Needless to say, these and their other proposed measures would turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals and do nothing to stop actual offenders from breaking the law.

And I have no doubt this new anti-gun group will have the backing of Michael Bloomberg’s nearly bottomless pockets.

Which is why I need pro-gun patriots like you, to help us prepare for the battles ahead.

It will take immense resources and the continued vigilance of our members to combat this new threat.

So please, forward this message on to your pro-gun friends and family to ensure they are aware of this latest assault on their rights.

Then, please consider making your most generous contribution to Great Lake Gun Rights so we have the resources needed to beat back Bloomberg’s cronies.

Your donation of $45, $30, or $15 makes it possible for me to combat these attacks on our God-given right to bear arms.

These anti-gun zealots will stop at nothing to strip Michiganders of their gun rights.

But I will stop at nothing to see that they fail.

And I know I can count on you, to have my back.

With your continued support, we will win this fight, and even take back more of our rights in the process.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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