Democrats Introduce Gun Ban in Lansing!

Jun 23, 2020

Can they make it any more obvious?

In yet another blatant assault on gun owners, nearly two dozen Democrat State Representatives filed bills to criminalize the otherwise lawful carry of a pistol in places that Michiganders visit every single day.

House Bills 5783 and 5784 outright ban carry AND possession in areas where CPL holders can currently carry under state law.

If you are CPL holder in lawful possession of your pistol and pull into a Meijer gas station just to fill up your gas tank, but the station has a liquor license, under these bills you just committed a misdemeanor and could spend up to 90 days in jail.

They also expand this ban to include buildings owned or leased by the state, locations where the carry of a firearm is currently legal.

While these bills are unlikely to gain traction in the Republican-controlled legislature, it is yet another preview of what is to come if anti-gunners succeed in taking complete control in Lansing.

For years, gun control proponents have echoed the tired line that they aren’t anti-gun, they just support “reasonable” restrictions to keep guns out of the hands of “criminals.”

To show you just how absurd their claim is, here’s a sampling of the gun control measures introduced by Democrat lawmakers since the start of the 2019 legislative session:

  • *** Due process-shredding “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation orders (HB 4283-4285 and SB 156-158) — A total of 34 Democrat lawmakers are on record in support of this radical proposal.
  • *** Government-mandated storage of firearms (HB 4512) — 25 Democrat State Representatives are sponsoring this bill that would force gun owners to lock up their guns, rendering them useless in case of a home invasion.
  • *** Universal Gun Registration (HB 5275-5277 and SB 678-680) — More than half the Democrat House Caucus and all but three Democrat Senators are sponsoring this legislation that would outlaw the private transfer and sale of all firearms in Michigan, as well as create a statewide database of every firearm purchase.
  • *** Outright statewide ban of open carry (HB 5094) — While only one Democrat is sponsoring this bill, HB 5783-5784 are a big step towards the end goal of this bill.
  • *** Bullet tax (HB 5095) — Creates a ten percent excise tax on each and every bullet sold in the state of Michigan.

Every proposal that anti-gun lawmakers have introduced in Lansing come with heavy fines and threats of jail time for non-compliance.

In the process of sticking it to “criminals,” they are making criminals out of otherwise law-abiding gun owners by making it as difficult as possible to legally own firearms in Michigan.

Let’s not forget that Michigan’s gun control laws are already some of the most draconian in the nation!

Carrying concealed, or in a car, without a CPL comes with a potential five years in jail and up to a $2,500 fine.

A five year felony for essentially a victimless crime. The same crime is a misdemeanor in California.

Somehow our toughest-in-the-nation laws are not enough to satisfy Democrat lawmakers’ desire to just have “reasonable” restrictions to stop criminals from getting guns.

But then again, this isn’t about stopping crime. It’s never been about stopping crime.

Even with attempts to wrap their gun control proposals in approval from obviously biased journalists and junk science funded by the Gun Control Lobby, the average Michigander can see through their schemes.

This is about making it as difficult as possible for good, law-abiding citizens to possess and carry legally-owned firearms in the state of Michigan.

The truth is, thankfully, none of these bills stand a real chance of gaining traction in the legislature.

But just the mere existence of these bills should serve as a reminder that there is a war on guns in our country and that the other side is playing for keeps.

And if they ever get into power, their intentions are abundantly clear.

In reality the Gun Control Lobby has dropped their façade of supporting “reasonable” restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

They are going all out for gun confiscation, gun bans, and just the outright criminalizing of gun ownership.

Moms Demand Action made that clear during their testimony against House Bill 4434, where their lobbyist publicly testified that it is reasonable to lock up a Michigander for five years in jail for failing to renew their expired CPL.

The 19 Democrat State Representatives who voted against HB 4434 made it clear that they are fine with ruining the lives of CPL holders in their districts with a five year felony and thousands of dollars in legal fees for a paperwork violation.

After all, it is in the areas Democrat lawmakers represent where CPL holders are made examples of the most by overzealous anti-gun prosecutors looking to make a name for themselves on their way to higher office.

We’ve got a long road ahead if we are going to unravel Michigan’s gun control status quo.

And making sure that gun owners hold the line in these tumultuous times is of the utmost importance.

It’s long past time our laws start respecting the Second Amendment and Article I, Section 6 of the Michigan Constitution by no longer treating gun owners like criminals.

Brenden Boudreau

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