Another week has gone by and another House Judiciary Committee meeting scheduled, but still no hearing for Constitutional Carry.

Rather, House Judiciary Chairman Graham Filler (R-HD 93) has scheduled yet another hearing (and possible vote) for the feel-good, do-nothing resolution HR 227, which simply reaffirms “the right of Michigan residents to keep and bear arms…”

This does nothing to repeal the absurd gun control laws here in Michigan that turn gun owners into felons for the victimless crime of carrying concealed, or in a car, without a CPL.

Filler is ignoring Constitutional Carry, even after many of you have contacted him, and is instead advancing a meaningless, non-binding resolution that, at worst, will give weak-kneed lawmakers political cover.

Well, I can tell you that anyone who votes for HR 227 but opposes Constitutional Carry, will be exposed and held politically accountable.

The House Judiciary Committee can go ahead and hold their vote on this resolution, but pro-gun Michiganders aren’t going away.

We will continue turning up the pressure on Chairman Filler and the committee members until State Rep. Steve Johnson’s Constitutional Carry legislation (HB 4770-4774) receives a hearing and vote.

Help us continue building up the pressure in Lansing by signing your Constitutional Carry petition today!

And forward this to all of your pro-gun family and friends to get them to sign it as well!

Unfortunately, Filler’s obstruction of Constitutional Carry may not be of his own doing.

I’ve heard reports from political insiders that House Republican leadership is not going to allow HB 4770-4774 to see the light of day.

Instead, they are shopping around for a milquetoast gun bill that they can push through to say “Hey, we are doing something on guns,” but without the risk of looking “too pro-gun.”

How embarrassing is this if true…

Lawmakers were sent to Lansing to be fighters for the Second Amendment, not to cower in fear.

House Republican Leadership should force anti-gun Democrats to defend throwing gun owners in jail for five years for a victimless crime by bringing HB 4770-4774 to the floor for a vote.

After all, Democrats claim to support “criminal justice reform,” unless it happens to deal with gun rights.

What better way to expose them as frauds than with a vote to repeal the harsh five-year felony for a victimless crime?

Help Great Lakes Gun Rights force Constitutional Carry to the floor by signing your petition.

I’m going to deliver your petitions in the next month, as part of our plan to keep building up pressure, and I want to make sure your signed petition is in the stack.

Republicans have nothing to fear in voting on Constitutional Carry, that is, unless they are planning on voting against it.

You see, back in 2018, Republicans who voted for Constitutional Carry (HB 4416 in 2017) fared much better at the polls than those who voted against Constitutional Carry.

And, overall, candidates who either voted for or pledged support for Constitutional Carry in 2018 did much better at the polls.

So, what is House Republican leadership afraid of (if the rumors true)?

Holding a vote on Constitutional Carry is the perfect way to keep pro-gun Michiganders energized in this important election year and to expose the views of radical anti-gun Democrats.

Help us make this vote happen by signing your Constitutional Carry petition today.

Thank you for your continued support and activism.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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