Chatfield Looking to Betray Gun Owners?

Nov 30, 2020

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

And like a flame that won’t be quenched, the rumors of Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield considering a ban on lawful carry in the Michigan Capitol just won’t go away.

Just last week I was speaking with multiple sources who confirmed Speaker Chatfield and other key members of legislative leadership are openly floating a potential gun ban in the Capitol.

After counting on gun owners to keep them in the majorities, it appears Republicans are priming to thumb their nose at us and ram gun control through in the lame duck legislative session, which starts this week.

That’s why I need you to click here to send a message to your lawmakers urging them to oppose banning guns at Michigan’s Capitol!

If the rumors are true, this would be yet the latest example of Speaker Chatfield turning his back on grassroots activists who are concerned about the future of liberty here in Michigan.

Just recently, Chatfield called attempts to impeach Governor Whitmer for her flagrant violations of state law “shameful,” even equating the calls to hold her accountable to the dog and pony show Congressional Democrats tried to pull on President Trump.

Whose side is Chatfield on?

Sadly, it appears that Chatfield is all too willing to sacrifice a bit of our Second Amendment rights as a bargaining chip to get something from Governor Whitmer.

If Republicans cave and ban guns in the Capitol, they will cave and ban guns anywhere.

Anyone who claims otherwise is not paying attention, or is trying to sell you a bill of goods.

Not only that, but gun owners know declaring the Michigan Capitol a so-called “Gun-Free” zone will not make it safer but will just make it safer for criminals bent on doing harm.

Chatfield is playing right into the hands of the Whitmer/Nessel/Benson cabal who are openly flouting state law — and attempting to criminalize gun ownership by executive fiat.

The good news is Chatfield is gone as Speaker of the House at the end of the year, so his transactional politics will be out the door.

The bad news is that as a term-limited legislator, he is now free to “vote his conscience” and try to force his caucus to ban guns at the Capitol as some great policy solution of “giving a little to get a little.”

Or worse, the harebrained idea they have to pass gun control to prevent worse gun control from passing…

The truth is, there is nothing Republicans can get from Governor Whitmer to even make it remotely worth treating gun owners like criminals if they choose to visit the Capitol.

I’ve heard reports that the House Republican caucus is deeply divided about this issue, so the more people who contact their lawmakers the better.

So, please click here to send a message to your elected officials today!

If you and I can keep the pressure up in these closing days of 2020, we can close out the year without Republicans caving and passing gun control here in Michigan.

But it will only be possible with your help.

For Freedom,
Brenden Boudreau

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