Constitutional Carry hearing next week!

Oct 11, 2019

I just received word that State Rep. Steve Johnson’s Constitutional Carry bill package, HB 4770-4774, is receiving the first of two hearings next week!

The hearing is before the House Committee on Military, Veterans and Homeland Security starting at 12pm on Tuesday, October 15th in Room 307 of the House Office Building.

This is huge news!

Getting a hearing on this important pro-gun legislation in this political environment is only possible because of the overwhelming grassroots support that you and other pro-gun Michiganders across the state have thrown behind HB 4770-4774.


If you haven’t yet, show your support for Constitutional Carry by signing your petition today!

I’m working on a plan to deliver the thousands of petitions in support of Constitutional Carry at the right time this fall and I’m hoping to have your name on one of them.

If you wish to show your support at the hearing, you’ll want to show up at least an hour early to get a seat, as the Gun Control Lobby is sure to try to fill the seats with their rent-a-ruckus activists being bused in from out-of-state.

Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action activists are sure to be there in their red shirts spewing junk science in defense of Michigan’s draconian gun control status quo that punishes gun owners worse than California when carrying without a permit.

While 15 states now require NO permit to carry a pistol, openly or concealed, Michigan still has a harsh five year felony for carrying a pistol in a car or a concealed pistol on your person without a CPL.

Here at Great Lakes Gun Rights we believe that free men should not have to ask permission to bear arms…

…and that the requirement to obtain a permit to carry a concealed pistol is only a detriment to law-abiding citizens carrying for self-defense and does nothing to stop criminals from carrying guns however they prefer.

After all, criminals by definition are law breakers, and no gun control measure is going to deter them but instead only leave the victims of criminals defenseless.

Michigan has the fourth most expensive CPL to obtain and maintain in the country.

And carrying without a CPL is very restricted, leaving gun owners little choice but to pony up and pay the fee, get fingerprinted and get the government-mandated training if they wish to carry for self-defense.

But for some folks here in Michigan the $115 permit fee just isn’t financially feasible on top of paying for the mandated training, being left with the terrible choice of being defenseless against criminals or face a five year felony for carrying without a permit.

In some parts of our great state, that really isn’t an option at all.

Constitutional Carry would make it so that Michigan law no longer treats gun owners like criminals by making them buyback their rights and putting them in a government database…

…but would instead empower law-abiding citizens to be their own first line of defense.

Help GLGR advance Constitutional Carry by signing your petition TODAY!

Please also consider chipping in with a financial contribution to help fund our efforts.

We are a long way from making Constitutional Carry a reality here in Michigan, but this first committee hearing is a vital step to getting a recorded vote on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives.

Getting a vote before the whole House will force our representatives to either stand with gun-owning Michiganders or stand with the anti-gun crowd in supporting Michigan’s draconian gun control laws.

However that vote goes down, gun owners win.

Those who choose to continue treating gun owners like criminals for simply practicing their right to keep and bear arms will then be fully exposed and held accountable for their radical views.

Just by having this fight you and I are going to expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing who mouth support for the Second Amendment to get elected, but are secretly harboring anti-gun views, hoping they’ll never have to take a tough gun vote.

We’ll also force the anti-gun radicals in the Capitol to really show who they are, as we saw earlier this year when HB 4434 passed with 19 Democrats voting to keep punishing CPL holders with a five year felony for essentially an administrative issue.

Many of these anti-gun Democrats wrongly believe that they have a mandate to push radical gun control after winning in districts previously held by Republicans.

But never before have so many Michigan Democrats been so openly hostile to Michigan’s long tradition of firearm ownership.

Contrary to what their consultants are telling them, their views on gun rights are a liability, and it’s incumbent on us to make sure they know it.

And by having this fight and having anti-gun politicians vehemently oppose commonsense legislation like Constitutional Carry, you and I are forcing them out of the shadows and to go on defense.

Forcing anti-gunners into defense by pushing for a vote on Constitutional Carry is the best way to fight against the recent calls for more gun control.

So help us with our goal of getting a vote on Constitutional Carry by signing your petition and chipping in $30 or even $15 to help us bring more pro-gun Michiganders into the fight.

You can also help get your pro-gun family and friends in this fight by forwarding them this email and asking them to sign their petition as well!

While I won’t be able to attend this first hearing as I have previous travel already booked, GLGR staff will be on hand to represent our members across the state.

And I will be in attendance for the next hearing on HB 4770-4774.

If you are able to attend, thank you for your activism and be sure to show up early and fill the seats before the MDA “red shirts” do.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau
Brenden Boudreau
Executive Director
Great Lakes Gun Rights

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